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Real Estate Distilled is one part industry experts, two parts networking, with a splash of bourbon tourism, shaken over two days.

It is also a tribe. A pack. A community. A sounding board. A group of trusted peers, mentors and friends. It is real estate marketing ninjas and lead conversion geeks gathering together.

Above and beyond the fantastic and amazing speakers that we have lined up this year, we are truly excited to rub elbows and stand belly to belly with you. The relationships built at face to face events such as Real Estate Distilled are something that just can't be recreated with a virtual event.

The impact of being able to pick up the phone to call a mentor with a random question on a Tuesday morning or even firing up Facebook Messenger to get a little bit of advice from someone four states away is impossible to measure.

Those impactful relationships are formed over lunch, during breaks, dinners and even the hotel bar. It’s the random conversations that take place that escalate the value of the conference beyond the content being shared on the stage.

It’s the building of the tribe. The gathering of the pack. The creation of the community. The formation of a sounding board. Trusted peers coming together. Finding our mentors. Making new friends.

May 11th and 12th, 2022

2 Day Conference

Breakfast and Lunch Both Days

Priceless Networking Opportunities

1 Track, 12 Lessons

Inclusion on MAP based referral directory

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Lessons from our experts

The Disney Way Of Customer Service

If you have ever visited a Disney Theme Park across the globe, you may feel that “nobody does customer service like Disney.” Although the execution is complex, the baseline concepts are quite simple.

This program is designed for you to uncover customer service strategies from Walt Disney himself, and then learn how to apply these lessons to your own organization which will enhance your levels of customer service.

Advanced Scripting Concepts

Join Dale Archdekin from Smart Inside Sales as he shares some of the advanced scripting concepts that go into their training program called Conversion University. These concepts are used by high volume teams and brokerages to support their ISA teams as well as to train their outside agents. They are the most up to date conversational techniques and methods used in the real estate industry today. Today’s experienced consumers and increased competition require a higher level of training for salespeople to continue to succeed. Conversion University provides the critical tools and scripting strategies you need.

Tim’s Top 10 Tips

Let’s be honest: lead generation is the easy part. If you have a credit card and you can fog a mirror, you can always buy more leads. The real magic is knowing how to convert more of your leads! Tim shares 10 creative strategies to convert more of your leads…WITHOUT hiring an ISA, making awkward cold calls, or sending endless annoying email drips.

Distilling Organizational Culture: High Proof Tips for Driving Collaboration

Perhaps at no time in history has culture management been more important to the overall success and profitability of your organization. Culture goes beyond just how engaged employees are to look deeply at the overall experience of work. The ways in which employees collaborate, connect, and build community are critical to how work feels and how culture is ultimately created. The past twelve months have highlighted strain and stress, and an alarmingly high level of employees report feeling disconnected and isolated from their work. Recent research on the impact of culture throughout 2020 and 2021 has reliably suggested that culture is a strategic leverage point for providing moments of belonging, deep community, and inclusion. In this laid back, data-driven session you will learn about the tactical operations of culture management, the critical steps of driving organizational culture, as well as how leaders influence what it means to help people live better lives through their work, not just come to work. Participants should expect to leave with an evidenced-based perspective about the top drivers of organizational culture and what you can do about them today. Come prepared to share your experiences and leave with hope about the future of work.

Magnetic Agent – 3 Habits to Becoming the Go-To Agent

Ever get around that person “gifted” with magnetism? They attract people to them, and even after scratching the surface, you find they’re the real deal! What’s their secret sauce? What are the habits – their playbook? Tim breaks down the Energizer’s Code for agents across America – calling it “The 3 Musts”! He breaks three habits down so that anyone can immediately adopt and adapt them to achieve this level of the Go-To Expert in any market.

How to WIN in a LOW Inventory Market

If you’re like most agents right now this low inventory market is wearing you down. You’re writing competitive offers for buyers, you’re using every trick in the book, but when you’re up against 17 other offers, it’s becoming nearly impossible to win.

Here is the thing, it doesn’t have to be like this. Remember the book, “Who Moved the Cheese?” It’s simple, ”the cheese” has moved! The inventory is out there, you’ve just been looking in the wrong place. In this talk, I will give seven strategies that are working right now to find inventory and help you win into today’s market!

Panel : Leveraging your CRM in a Shifting Market

Won't you be my neighbor?

Learn how Derrick Monroe embraces being an active member of his community and a great neighbor to do lead generation, without spending money for ads. Top of mind awareness happens organically through lots of little ( and sometimes big ) things that Derrick does to make his community a better place to call home. Derrick is the ultimate neighbor and community friend. He will share his real world examples and hopefully inspire you to find a few ways to stay top of mind with your community too.


What is the history of Real Estate Distilled?

Real Estate Distilled was started in 2018.  We've slowly and organically been growing the conference ever since.  In 2019 we had about 120 attendees and in 2020, we hit 150 attendees.  We are hopeful that in 2021, we will hit 185 to 200 attendees.  We've been blessed to have some of the biggest names in real estate share the stage and pour into our attendees.  As an example, here is a partial list of some of our past speakers who you might recognize.

Nick Baldwin
Daniel Beer
Erik Hatch
Greg Geilman
Damon Gettier
Dale Archdekin
AJ Powers
Michael Cuevas
Mike Gallagher
Neil Mathweg
Brandon Duncan
David Pannell
Andy Tolbert
Jeffrey Chubb
Jaime Polter
George Oberdorster
Marlene Douglas
Tim Chermak
Steve Jolly

What are the dates?

Real Estate Distilled will be taking place on May 11th and 12th.   We are excited to once again be hosting our attendees along side Sierra Interactive who will be hosting their 2nd Annual Summit on May 10th.

Where is Real Estate Distilled happening?

Real Estate Distilled will take place in Louisville, Kentucky.  Specifically at the Mellwood Art Center.  Our host hotel is the AC Marriott in Nulu.  A link to book your room will be shared with you once you purchase your conference ticket.

What is the address of the venue?

Mellwood Art Center
1860 Mellwood Ave
Louisville, KY 40206

What is the address of the host hotel?

AC Hotel by Marriott
727 E Market St
Louisville, KY 40202

Which airport should I fly into?

The airport code for the Louisville International Airport airport is SDF.  There are direct flights to and from SDF to nearly 40 cities.

Here is a list of the airlines who currently have flights to and from Louisville's SDF.

American Airlines

Do I need to rent a car?

Louisville has seen great adoption of the ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft.  The host hotel is only about 8 miles from the airport and will likely be about a $25.00 ride with Uber.

The hotel is in an entertainment district with shops and restaurants, including a restaurant in the hotel.  Additionally, the conference will be providing a shuttle from the host hotel to the conference venue.

Most people will not need to rent a car to enjoy their trip.

Who is speaking?

Is there a schedule or agenda posted?

We have not released a schedule or agenda yet.

If you will be attending the Sierra Summit, you will likely want to get into town on Monday, May 9th and then schedule a flight home on Friday, May 13th, or possibly the morning of October 14th.

We will have programming from essentially 9AM until 6PM on Wednesday the 13th, which includes our post conference workshops.

What is the Sierra Summit?

In 2020, Sierra Interactive started their own conference.  Although a separate event from Real Estate Distilled, they share the same venue, host hotel and many other logistical details.  For those not aware, Sierra Interactive is an all-in-one IDX and CRM platform for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages.  Sierra Interactive has been the top sponsor of Real Estate Distilled through all 4 years of our existence.  Without Sierra Interactive's early involvement, Real Estate Distilled might not have even gotten off the ground.

The Sierra Summit is specifically a conference for Sierra Interactive's clients.  For more information about the Sierra Summit, email [email protected]


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Real Estate Distilled VIP Dinner

Real Estate Distilled VIP Dinner

This is your chance to rub elbows with the speakers and sponsors in a laid back atmosphere. Following the close of the first day of Real Estate Distilled, join the speakers and sponsors for a catered dinner, complete with a bourbon tasting experience. Anticipated menu includes a classic mixed green salad, brussels sprouts with parmesan cheese and dill vinaigrette, mac and cheese, Kentucky Hot Browns, Baked Bolognese and assorted rolls.
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GGMS Post Conference Workshop

GGMS Post Conference Workshop

Join GGMS from 3PM until 6PM on Thursday, May 12th, 2022
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